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 Start to run: What Inspires Us To Do This Every day 


start running


Is running your passion? For many people it is and they do it for different reasons fitness, competition but getting and staying at it can be very challenging and for the average person just thinking about waking up so early in the morning every day is a big turn off. But for others it’s a simple and well planned activity Start to run which they incorporate in their everyday lives and have been doing it for years. So where this drive does comes from for inspiring them to run?

Why we run?

Motivation, it is why we tie our laces, ready to Start to run in the rain instead of burrowing deeper into the warm covers of bed. It is why we train for longer distances and persist through the pain of races to reach our goals. By definition, it is an inner power or energy that pushes us toward acting and achieving and has much to do with desire and ambition. Sometimes, motivation seems effortless, a bottomless well; other times, it can be very hard to come by. I met with local runner and licensed psychologist Dr. Sheila Gardner to talk about motivation and the many forms it takes, which are as individual and varied as each runner.

Dr. Gardner said that people generally simplify motivation Start to run but it is in fact a very complex topic, related to personality as well as the logistics of life. We tend to see people who do things, such as run, as motivated and those that don’t as not being motivated, but that is not always the case, explained Gardner, who gave an example of a busy single parent, trying to fit everything in; sometimes, getting up at 4:30 or 5 in the morning to run isn’t always possible, even if they are motivated to do so. There are also internal and external motivators; for runners, internal motivators can include distance and time goals and external could include wanting to be seen in a positive manner, or to look good, said Gardner. What motivates each of us is so personal, said Gardner, that if you are struggling with it, then you need to think about why you are doing it in the first place, and what are the obstacles in your way preventing you from doing it.

Our culture tends to look at motivation as pushing hard, just ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ but that kind of approach isn’t necessarily right for all people, said Gardner. You can also be motivated through patience and compassion, giving yourself a break and applauding the little gains you make in training, said Gardner; it does not have to be all or nothing when it comes to goals, sometimes, just getting out the door is ok. It is important to strike a balance and be realistic about what you can do, said Gardner, and to also remember you can’t always count on being motivated, sometimes you just have to do the training. She admits that while she loves running most of the time, sometimes it can feel like a chore, something I think all runners can relate to, especially while in the midst of a long training plan. See more quotes Start to run Click here


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