Smile is the Prettiest Thing You Can Wear! Quotes about smiles


Your Smile is the Prettiest Thing You Can Wear Making Motivation -quotes to make her smile




It seems that men and women alike are investing huge amount of money in order to look good. They buy signature clothes, bag, shoes and cosmetic products, and even do plastic surgeries. But if you really want to be more attractive, there’s only one thing that you would need to wear. Your smile! A perfect smile is simply: S – simple, M – magical, I- incredible, L – loving, E – effective.Below quotes to make her smile

Your smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

Research shows that people find other people more attractive if they are wearing their smile. Of course we do. There’s nothing like a fresh baby smile to brighten up your look and radiate warmth that draws others to you instantly. So whether you are just wearing something from a thrift store or designer clothes just smile and be confident and you definitely would look good. Here are 6 reasons why your smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

  1. Makes You Feel Better and Boost Self Confidence. The next time you feel down or blue, have a big smile. Smile and you will see that you would feel better. The feeling that you are feeling inside you will radiate on the outside and you will be beautiful. If you will concentrate on it hard, you will also gain self-confidence. With self-confidence, you can carry any outfit even if it’s a trash bag, you’ll still look gorgeous.
  2. You get instant facelifts. There’s good evidence that just by smiling and looking like you’re happy can give you instant facelifts. Studies show that smiling has a muscular change effect that can give you the facelift you want. It can even create a more dramatic effect than a face lift because it can boost what’s inside you. So smile. It’s a free facelift.
  3. It shows the real you. Ever been pissed off by some people who really looks good when they have makeups on and when it’s gone they’re like a different person already? You definitely do. So instead of covering your face – your real beauty – with those expensive cosmetics products, why not just smile? Your face should express what you feel when you wish to connect with others. Your smile can show the real you.
  4. Get rid of wrinkles. Having wrinkles and facial lines are a part of aging and growing up. Thus making us unattractive. But when you smile a lot the wrinkles are proven to be less. You use fewer muscles when you smile than you frown. Therefore, our face becomes more relax and wrinkles would be less. I will not say that if you smile throughout your life, you won’t get wrinkles. No. However if you would have wrinkles, it would be a wrinkle mark of happiness.
  5. Good for your emotional, physical and mental health. Smiling works like wonders to a person’s health. It reduces stress, makes you feel more relax, and helps achieve peace of mind, improve your moods and many more. And there’s nothing more gorgeous than a healthy person.
  6. Simple and Free. And last but not the least, smiling is Free. You can look good without spending anything. Sometimes if you wear expensive items of clothing you tend to get snobby. With smiling you will receive favorable impressions and people will be drawn instantly to you.

It sounded corny when I first heard the phrase “Smile and the whole world will smile with you” But that statement is very true. It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood if someone is smiling at you. It’s also impossible to look bad if you are smiling because you just radiate this great positive energy. So make me smile by starting to quotes to make her smile Your smile is priceless and it is all you need to look great.

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