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How to Study Efficiently | Education Motivation -Motivational quotes for students 




Exam This word might repeatedly bounce in your head this week. Why not? The semester is ending and paracetamol is the best-selling medicine. Well, everything is going to be fine, we are prepared. Oops, I bet not. Oh, I think I will be fine if the questions are not on this part.

There is no debate on what’s the best way to excel in your exam. Preparation has always been the best way and it is not a straight road to go to in the first place. There are times when I think that passing is just the opposite of the things that I have. What if I’ll do the opposite of the things that I usually do or have? Well, it might end to have a good result. Let’s see. Here are some things that, I think, affect my life a lot and Motivational quotes for students 

  1. I am half-hearted.

If you want to pass, you must decide to make a hit! If you want to make a hit, you cannot do it half-heartedly. Do it with a full force. This is the first and most important psychological preparation, you’ll ever make. This will also be the spring of all the efforts you will do to make a difference in your study.

Well, I always think that I want it, but I always fail to do the things that I decided to do.

  1. I cannot isolate you.

The first thing that comes into my head is a noisy environment. Kids shouting and running, worst, they will be knocking at your door repeatedly, if you won’t open it. If you want to pass, you must have focus. You cannot have that if you have no quite room to study in the very first place. You have to isolate yourself from the rest of the people.

  1. I have no study space.

I have no space I can call my study room. More, I have no decent study table, a good lamp, or a comfortable chair. Hey! This is very important. Comfort is necessary. Lasting longer, loving to stay, and wanting to come back are very important feelings. These are the benefits to name a few if you have a study room. I always cherish these feelings every time it comes to me.

And oh, the ventilation; I remember when we were in Manila; you cannot really concentrate when you are all sweating and your migraine is pinching your head every second of the day.

Talking further about making your room a study area, you might also consider the paint of your room. Yes, paint. Studies show that there exists a psychology of color and according to it, the best color for studying is green. The color green promotes feelings of well-being and harmony, nature, security, stability, and balance. So, if you wanted to study more effectively and efficiently then let’s repaint your study room.

  1. When I study, I study endlessly.

The aim is to study, and please, take a break. I don’t really know brain works, but I guess it’s like a phone. If you used it too much, it will drain and you have to recharge it to use it. Well, charging takes some time and we ended up wasting too much time. Isn’t it? So take regular study breaks. Regular breaks help your brain absorb more information. A break every 45-50 minutes may do. Studies show that your brain will not work effectively after this time. Maybe it’s time to study smarter.

  1. I study alone.

Do you study alone and ended up doing nothing? I think you should have a study buddy to inspire you. However, you have to make it sure that your companion really understands what you are doing.

  1. I study it all in one blast.

A friend of mine said, “Studying is like you are saving in a bank. You have to put small amounts of money every payday”.

To pass, one must study every day. Small savings constantly done is better than big chunks, which will be gone in a few minutes. Had you ever experienced studying and then forgot everything that you just memorize and ending up saying, “I know that, but”. This is mostly because you are not so familiar with it. You just meet that once, if not twice.

  1. Get motivated with other people.

Tired and much unmotivated; you tried to look inside you and you can’t find some inspiration? Then look at other peoples’ struggle and stories. For always, you can pick a story that will inspire you. See more motivational quotes for students  Click here


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