Gratitude Making Motivation -Memorial day thank you quotes


Gratitude Making Motivation – Memorial day thank you quotes




Memorial day thank you quotes ,we have forgotten the most important virtue gratitude and  memorial day thank you quotes making Motivation

Thanksgiving is a big holiday celebration in the United States. It is a time when a huge number of turkeys are roasted, with people giving thanks while having fun with the special people in their lives. That’s all great, but if you do think of gratitude only during Thanksgiving, then you are overlooking the immense power of practicing the art of appreciation daily. It’s an attitude we should acquire and the best gift we can give anyone.

Apparently a recent survey proved that many people are fast forgetting about gratitude, which is quite sad. Here are 10 examples of how we have forgotten about gratitude, the most important virtue.

  1. The business world is one of the cruelest worlds when it comes to gratitude. Often, we forget to give gratitude to people who we work with (especially if you are the boss) mainly because most of us think it’s not necessary since we are getting our salaries and business is business.  A recent study shows that saying ‘thank you’ in the workplace boasts positive results. Successful people know that appreciation and saying ‘thank you’ are the keys to success. So thank your co-employees, bosses or your business partners every time you have a chance.
  2. Just by simply walking at the park, camping or taking a hike, we can always see things that we can be thankful for, but we never do. I’m talking about Mother Nature. The plants that give us air to breathe, the trees that help avoid floods and give us shelter, the rivers that are home to the fishes we eat as well as the forests that are homes to other resources. Look inside you and you will see more things to be thankful for just by walking.
  3. In these modern times when we have an abundance of great architects and engineers that can build awesome buildings, amazing homes and great architectural structures, we tend forget about the sights that nature created, such as the wonderful lakes, white sand beaches, majestic mountains and breathtaking coral reefs. Get your act together and show gratitude to nature’s great sights by protecting it.
  4. How about our three essential things we need to live? The sun, the water, and the air. Without them we will die. But do we really show gratitude for them? No. And instead, we even ruin them. Choosing gratitude over polluting it would do well not only for us, but for future generations.
  5. I just came home from work when I heard my baby cry. I was so tired that I instantly become furious and pissed off because of the sound. But really, people should be grateful for the gift of hearing these sounds. The cry of their babies, the laughter of your siblings that can always be too loud, even that rock music you hate to hear–they all might sound irritating. But without them, our lives would extremely be dull and would not have sense at all.
  6. People always tend to forget to give thanks to their parents, maybe because they think that it is the parent’s obligation to raise them and give them a great life. But take a moment to think about everything you are right now, which is mostly because of them. With all the things our parents did for us, (nine months of pregnancy, feeding us every day, sending us to college and more) they do deserve gratitude as much as possible. So give them some thoughtful material once in a while.
  7. Government officials and politicians might be the most forgotten people to be thankful for, and mostly, what they get are complains and criticisms. The truth is that we voted for them and elected them. And though some may have been a bad choice, others are really good and want the best for our country. So thank them whenever you have an opportunity, send them thoughtful messages or simply give them a shout out on their social media profiles.
  8. Ever planned something with your friends and then something better came up and you chose the latter one? Yes, this usually happens. People tend to take their friends for granted and never show gratitude. Sometimes they are all at ease within their groups they forget to thank each other for just being there.
  9. When we get our pay slip bimonthly, we think of it as the fruit of our labor. When we close a business deal, we think we did great because we worked hard. We tend to be overconfident and forget to be thankful about it.
  10. And last but not the least, people just wake up every day and get on with their lives. They forget that waking up is life’s greatest gift. Each day that we wake up is proof that somebody up there watches over all of us.

Gratitude is considered one of the most powerful forces in the world. When you are grateful, you shift your focus from what your life lacks to the things that you already have in abundance, and therefore you become more optimistic and feel great. When you give thanks to other people, they tend to gain self-confidence, get motivated and be a better person. It’s simply life-changing! So give thanks today and live a life full of gratitude. Share this post and inspire the others and see more  memorial day thank you quotes Click Here


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