8 Romantic Ways to Propose Love of Your Life

8 romantic ways

8 Romantic Ways to Propose Love of Your Life


8 romantic ways



Before you jump into a world of strange and extravagant gestures to win over that special person in your life, just stop and take a moment to think about how they can react. Some people love exaggerated romantic gestures thrown out in front of an audience, others find these situations extremely embarrassing. Establishing which category your partner falls into is absolutely critical. Think about how you would like to remember the moment, shrinking from embarrassment or a story you will want to tell your grandchildren.


So now that you have established what kind of person you are proposing, here are some ideas to help you make it at that really special time.


5 exaggerated and extravagant ways to propose


  1. Sing

Nothing is more flattering than the idea that someone has put a huge amount of time into planning a surprise for you. If you can sing, learn to play an instrument (I never said that would be fast), write a song that declares your love infinite (or choose one that you can cover). Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant and ask if they would care if you played their music for your beloved. During the meal, apologize and return to the room with your instrument of choice. Sing as you say it, and at the end of the pop performance the question … (Hint: you do not have to be the best singer in the world, it’s all in performance, try to recruit a couple of friends as backing vocals)


  1. Say this on a huge screen

Hire your local movie theater to place an ad at the beginning of a romantic movie. Buy some popcorn, and put your engagement ring there (be sure to push it well down, you do not want to lose it to the darkness of the movie floor). Be sure to choose a seat in the hallway. When your ad appears, take your position on one knee in the hallway, and ask your partner to get on your popcorn. The only downside to this approach is whether to say yes or no, it is highly unlikely that any of you will be able to focus on the film.


  1. Love is in the air

Book a weekend in a romantic city like Venice, Rome or Paris. Combine with the cabin crew for an on-board ad to declare your love and ask the very important question. Have an expensive bottle of champagne ready on the ice to celebrate for the rest of the flight. Make sure you have a fast car waiting at the airport when you land; chances are you will want to get to your hotel room quickly!


  1. Love uplifts us where we belong

Become your place of working partners in full, white navy official regalia. Ask one of your colleagues to play “Love lifts us where we belong,” as you marching to your desk, drop to one knee and ask. It’s cheesy, but it’s funny and by the time you raise your new “bride” and take them out of the room in your arms, there will be a dry eye in the house.


  1. Say it with flowers

Have your friends sneak back to your house in the middle of the night while you’re in bed, and spell the words “Want to marry me” on your front lawn with flowers. When she wakes up in the morning and opens the curtains, make sure you are on hand with the ring.


3 subtle and intimate ways to propose

  1. Desire in a star

Name a star after them. There are many places where you can buy a certificate by naming a star after your lover. Well here is the trick … Name the star with your name and your last name. Wait for a clear night where there stars are at its brightest. Take your partner for a romantic picnic in a place of natural beauty, ideally a hill or mountain top. Open up some expensive champagne, present your gift and ask. Who could refuse?


  1. The Game of Love

Suggest playing a game that you both like, on your gaming console. Make sure that beforehand you have recorded high scores on your game of choice, for every higher score you record, use a word of the phrase “do you want to marry me?”. The first time you get a high score, your message will appear. Act as if you have not yet seen the message and suggest that you play another game. While trying to figure out what’s going on, open the game box to reveal the ring.


  1. Candlelight dinner

Cook your partner a romantic dinner. Write your proposal message on the napkin with a UV pen (available at most office suppliers). Keep the lights down throughout the meal. Use the romantic candlelight. When you’re ready, say you have a gift for them. Pass them a mini gift UV torch wrapped. They are likely to be quite confused by such a strange gift. Tell them there is a secret message written on their napkin

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