5 ways to improve the sense of security in the relationship

improve relationship

5 ways to improve the sense of security in the relationship


improve relationship


In the course of a romantic relationship, trust and sense of security plays an important role in determining the direction of the relationship. Without the sense of security, a romantic relationship will crumble once it’s all started. Healthy couples require a sense of security in their relationship and it will be very difficult for any couple to maintain a relationship if they do not trust each other. While it is always true that if we do nothing wrong then there is nothing for us to fear. However, the phrase may not always be true when it comes to relationship as couples may misinterpret the security needs in their relationship. Different people may have a different definition or sense of trusts in a relationship and therefore it is important for a couple to agree on a particular ground in this matter. While feeling secure or trustworthy may take some time to form, but it will always be easier if we know how to deal with it. Underneath are 5 areas that you can toil on to increase the sense of security in your relationship.


1) Secure communication.

The first step to relationship security is to build a healthy relationship of communication. Both you and your partners should feel safe to tell each other what you feel and think about your relationship. You should also be able to listen, understand and affirm with your partner’s feeling and vice versa. This means that you and your partner must learn to identify, label and communicate your feelings effectively through one to another.


2) Abstain from Prejudging

While in the progression of your relationship, there will be times when you do not understand your partner, why he / she acted the way they did and / or why he / she feels certain way that you may not understand. It is vital that you stay composed as such feeling is totally common in a relationship. However, when such things happen, you should refrain from pre-judging the event by calling your partner crazy, stupid and etc. This will ultimately halt the sense of security that your partner has for you. Instead, support your temporary behavior by affirming it and encouraging them to leave you out of you and at the same time assuring them that it is safe to do so.


3) Partner room to express feeling

In addition to the above, you should also provide the space for your partner to express your feeling freely and safely regardless of the situation. Regardless of whether, your partner is happy, sad, excited and etc., you should allow them to express it even though you are not feeling the same. Therefore, it is important to know that you cannot prohibit, dictate or criticize your partner’s feeling at any time when the feeling is not in tune with theirs.


4) Recognizing your partner

Recognizing your partner is the finest way to develop the sense of security in your relationship. In other words, we should always understand what is the feeling or vision about the subject of our partner. Every people have different expectation in sense of security when it comes to relationship due to past experience and therefore it is important for you to realize this fact. To have mutual understanding and better sense of security, you should discuss with your partner with an open heart. Perhaps, the best way to be trustworthy is to be true to yourself and as well as your partner.


5) Support each other emotionally

Finally, the most important safety factor in a relationship is the ability of the emotional support couple to the other. Learning to read or identifying your partner’s emotional level at any point of time is the first step towards emotional support. The next step is to learn to give appropriate emotional support the moment you detect emotional changes in your partner. The ability to detect and support your partner’s emotion will make a big difference in your relationship, especially when it comes to trusting.


The five steps above will help you to improve the sense of security in your relationship. They may seem difficult to be practiced but with great determination and patience, you can do it with ease as it will become easier and easier when you begin to see an improvement in your relationship.


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