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Fearless life Quotes:

Hi, I’m Jackie and I’m fearless.

People always say to me, “I want your life”. And I reply, “Anyone can have my life.”

Disbelief is followed by a litany of excuses, like I must have some kind of superpower.

At some point while on holiday, almost everyone sits on the beach with a margarita buzz and says, “We should move here.” But after the fruity rum drinks wear off, they get back on the plane and resume their life. The same life they complain about to their friends and family on Facebook. Holidays are an escape for people who don’t realize that they can create any life they want. It’s just that easy.

Let go of fear and let life IN!

I’ve always been fearless, often bordering on downright reckless. Failure never really bothered me. Finances either. I always imagine the worst case scenario, make peace with it and dive right in. Once you glimpse the big picture, (we are eternal creatures made of star dust floating in a quantum soup where anything is possible), it puts things in perspective.

With shockingly low bank balances, I’ve moved to other countries. I’ve walked out on too many jobs to count. Entertained more careers than you can imagine. I was kicked out of university and begged my way back in. Swam with whales, ridden camels. Received death threats for calling Honduras a banana republic. I shook hands with Mikhail Gorbechev and got shoved by Oprah’s security guards. I interviewed literary legends and partied with Hell’s Angels. Married and divorced. I was thrown in jail, landed in recovery. And I risked it all to pursue my dream business and my dream life. I succeeded.

Just chilling with a whale shark the size of a bus. Seems scary but it was remarkably peaceful…

FEAR prevents people from doing what they really want.

You attract your life and your reality through the interaction of your strongest beliefs, emotions and actions. People are stuck in fear because of what they believe, what they learned at school, from their parents, from their friends, from the news. People live in fear of not ‘making it’, fear of their bank balance, fear of doing something completely different, fear of what other people might say and the fear of failure. But all this is just fear, it’s not real.

You really can choose any life you want; reality is far more malleable than people realize.

I make it look easy, but your life isn’t any harder than mine. You probably just chase different things. And even if I could hand you a fabulous life like mine, I wouldn’t. Because I don’t want to deprive you of the journey. If you can change your thinking, you can change your circumstances.

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