How to Stop Worrying About Anything?

You can choose to keep worrying. Go on. Worry about all your worries. Carry the whole world on your shoulders. Think about your worries all the time, all day, all week. Forget other things. Just focus on your worries. Never mind that your hair is already greasy or already needs combing. You have more important things to think about than your hair. Never mind that you’re doing a lousy job at the office. You have more important things to think about than your work. Never mind that your place looks like a playground of a pack of chipmunks. You have more importang things to think about than cleaning up or de-cluttering. Never mind that the people around you already feel like you’re so distant/difficult to be with. You have more important things on your mind than caring/PR. Feeling better?

Or, you could choose another approach.
1. List ALL your worries. List all the things bugging you.
2. Under each worry, write down the worst case that could happen.
3. Under each worry, write down what you can do to avoid #2. Then do them.
4. Under each worry, write down what you hope or wish would happen.
5. Pray for each item in #4. Go on. Let go. Let God. He does an excellent job at things you unload to Him.
6. Set aside your worries. Go on living life to the fullest.

How about that!

When things are just too much for me, I tend to worry and/or wallow in depression. I watch a lot of TV/movies. I play a lot of online games. I sleep a lot. I eat my comfort foods. I tend to shop. I tend to be snappy, irate, critical of things or others. I withdraw from the world!

But then again, when I feel like I have reached rock-bottom, I try to sober up again. I do the steps in the list above. Then I start doing what I normally do on normal days. I take a relaxing bath. I comb my hair. :p I up my enthusiasm for things like work, etc. I clean up. I connect with people. I get back to living my life. Then I realize that it’s not the end of my world, that life goes on, that things are going to be okay, that I can live life to the fullest again, by choice! And then good things start happening again. 🙂

Eventually, I find that most of my worries never really happen, or that something better happens, something better than what I had hoped or wished for.

You can actually skip the rock-bottom stage. Just do the steps above the moment you feel like there’s just too much bugging you.

Be still. Know that you’re never alone. Know that you have help available.

“Be cheerful dependably; supplicate consistently; express appreciation in all conditions, for this is God’s will for you”

You Got It! Now continue to live life to the fullest!


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